Monday, March 24, 2008

Seeds started

So, I went ahead and started some seeds this weekend. The packages say 8-10 weeks, so I start seeds in 10 peat pots. I am planning on starting some more this weekend, to stagger them. Here is what I started:

2x Chile Pepper Cayenne Blend (Capsicum annuum)
2x Chile Pepper Early Jalapeno (Capsicum annum)

These two seed types I bought at a Garden Show in Stratford, Ontario from Botanical Interests.

I also started:

6x Nasturtium 'Golden King' (Tropaeolum nanum) (pictured above)

These were also purchased from the Garden Show, but these were from Florabunda Seeds.

I planted them all last has now been 3 days and I am antsy to see them come up. In two weeks I am planning on starting the rest of my seeds.

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