Friday, March 14, 2008

Food and Peak Oil

So, one of the reasons I have taken such an interest in gardening is to be able to grow my own food. As a kid, I loved helping my mom in the garden, and I have missed that since leaving home, going to school and basically just getting busier with other things in my life. I have been doing a lot of research and I am starting to realize that modern life is causing me (and most people) to lose my connection with nature and the outdoors. We lead such "busy" lives, and it leaves us no time to even prepare food.

There is another reason why I want to grow my own food. The current "buy local food" trend has made me really think about this issue. In a recent article posted on, the author discusses the association between oil and food supply. While most people are coming to accept that the era of cheap oil is coming to an end, many do not fully grasp what impact this is going to have on the world's food supply. The North American food system is completely dependent on oil (farm machinery, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, food processing equipment and of course, transportation). As oil gets more expensive, logically, so will food.

So, with these issues in mind, I am planning on taking the "buy local" lifestyle even eating food grown in my yard. I want to depend less on manufactured food, so I am also starting to bake my own bread. I have been asked if I will have enough time to do all of these things. Well, I believe we make time for things that are important to us. Also, I sometimes think about how fast society has changed and about our ancestors (not even that long ago) didn't have the luxury of running to a supermarket for every last little thing. We may think we're too busy, but are we really?

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