Monday, March 10, 2008

In the beginning...

One of the important features that I was looking for in the house that we bought was the gardening potential. We moved into our house in May 2007 and while I was motivated...I wasn't ready to take the gardening plunge last year for a variety of reasons. One, I wasn't sure what plants were already in the yard and secondly, I just wasn't committed yet. I grew up with a mother who has the greenest thumb that I know, and I was slightly intimidated. My mother used to give me plants to spruce up my apartments when I was in university and inevitably, they would always die. So, I wasn't sure that I had it in me. But, as I have grown up, my indoor plants have started surviving and some are even thriving.

So, when we first toured through the house that we decided to buy, I was thrilled to see that there was only one patch of grass in the front yard, and none in the back. The previous owner had spent a lot of time and money on trees, shrubs and perennials, but due to illness, wasn't able to continue with the upkeep needed for such a property. He seemed very happy to hear my interest in the beautiful yellow magnolia tree, pink peonies, lilacs, grape vines etc, etc.

One thing that I wasn't thrilled about...the two ponds. Unfortunately, they were not well constructed and the lack of care had left them rather sorry-looking.

So, the first summer was dedicated to pruning, pruning and more pruning. Our lot is not very big, and I was amazed at how much vegetation was growing on it. We have multiple cedar trees of varying heights, a maple tree, lilac trees, a magnolia tree, shrubs and a couple unknown trees. I did plant a few annuals in planters and grew some tomatoes in pots, but that was about the extent of it.

So, here I am, mid-March getting set for my first full gardening season in our new house. I have lots of plans and I hope I am not getting in over my head. Now to tame the wild jungle....

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