Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garden progress has been a little while since I posted last. Lots going on though...and I went away for a week. I left my budding garden in the care of a friend while I was away. It survived....only it looks like two of my pepper seedlings were eaten by something. Luckily I had started a lot.

My front yard had changed a lot in the week I was gone. My purple columbines bloomed, my yellow tulips had a feathered red colour at the petal ends, lilacs were in full bloom as well as some white flowering shrubs with an unknown name.

My backyard has also changed...I had planted some hostas that my mom gave me before I went away. They were doing great, lilacs, magnolia, pink flowering shrub and bleeding hearts.

I am going to plant the rest of my nasturtium seeds in planters this weekend as well as my morning glories. There is supposed to be beautiful weather this weekend (maybe a bit on the hot side) I am looking forward to it.

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