Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seedlings upended, but not a disaster

So, a crazy thing happened....a bird flew down our chimney and was flying around the house. My dog went berserk chasing it and she knocked my seedlings and seeds off the window sill. I couldn't believe it. I was able to re-plant all the seedlings, and I had to re-plant the seeds. It has been a couple days and the seedlings are fine and a couple seeds have sprouted.

So, it was all good...we caught the bird in a blanket and were able to get it outside fairly quickly.

I got out in the yard today since the weather was great. I pruned some bushes (name unknown) that were spilling over onto the sidewalk. I also swept the deck and raked up some leaves that I put into the composter. It doesn't take long for our composter to fill up (with all the trees and shrubs we have) so I got some paper yard waste bags (lots of them).

I need to order a big load of topsoil....ASAP. Now that the snow is gone, I need to get on it.

A lot to do......

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Amy said...

Glad to hear your seedlings survived! We used to have northern flickers coming into our fireplace every spring, at our first home. We could close all the curtains, turn off the lights and then open the window to the backyard. The bird would immediately see the light and fly out the window.