Friday, May 2, 2008

Food crisis and urban food production

So, I am sure that most people have heard about the current world food crisis in the news. Many developing countries are struggling with food inflation and limiting their exports of staple foods such as wheat and rice. This is driving the prices up and resulting in panic and riots in many of these countries.

For me, this really drives home the cold, hard facts about global food production. I hope that it makes more people more aware of where their food comes from. It is sometimes astounding to me that a lot of people that I know prefer to not think about the fact that the chicken that they are eating was actually a living bird. Or that the banana that they are eating travels thousands of miles before it ends up in their hands. Our modern society has put us so out of touch with the world outside of the North American bubble. I think that the distance food travels has definitely been more prominent in the media, and it is for this reason that more people (in my experience) seem to be thinking more about "buying locally". I wonder how long it will take for these same people to start growing a garden.

Now, I don't think that having a garden is going to save the world, but I am comforted in knowing that some of the food that I am eating is actually produced by myself. Lately, I have been coming across a few stories of individuals and communities coming together to find alternatives to the current food system. I find this very encouraging and I enjoy reading these stories. Change begins with individuals.

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